Here are some of the most frequent questions we've heard to date.  If you have any questions that aren't addressed here feel free to drop us a note, we will be back in touch with you within 48 hours.


Q: We don't see the title we are looking for?

A: Right now we don't have a lot of titles listed on our website.  We are adding titles as quickly as possible, but we are a small company.  (It's just me, with some help from my wife.). It's possible that even though the title you're looking for isn't listed on our website we might just have it.  Send us a message telling us what you're looking for, and we'll be back to you within 48 hours, and if we have it we'll get it up on to the website shortly after that.  A quick way to see the majority of what we have is to search on Amazon.ca.  If we have it there, we can list it here.


Q:  When will you be adding additional titles to your inventory?

A:  In fact we are adding new inventory constantly.  There will be times when you see the inventory increase multiple times in one day, and then again other times when new inventory won't get added for several days.  Please know we are always working to improve this sight, but there is only me (and my wife on occasion) so my time gets spread around to where its needed most.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: While we only launched this website in October of 2021, we have been selling under the name "Golden Horseshoe Media Distribution" on the Amazon.ca platform since 2013.  We've also done countless vendor shows including the 2019 Hamilton Comic-con and the 2022 Niagara Falls Comic-con.


Q: How do I find out if the DVD/BR I'm interested in has French language options?  

Comment puis-je savoir si le DVD/BR qui m'intéresse a des options en français ?

A: Since everything entered on to this website is done manually, we don't have the resources to add the French language options for every item listed.  If however this is important to you please send us an e-mail with the title of the item in question and we will be more than happy to check that item for you and get back to you usually within 24 hours, but always within 48 hours.  

Étant donné que tout ce qui est entré sur ce site Web est fait manuellement, nous n'avons pas besoin de ressources pour ajouter les options de langue française pour chaque élément répertorié. Si toutefois cela est important pour vous, veuillez nous envoyer un e-mail avec le titre de l'article en question et nous serons plus qu'heureux de vérifier cet article pour vous et de vous répondre généralement dans les 24 heures, mais toujours dans les 48 heures.


Q:  I've noticed that sometimes your website appears to be closed, what's that all about?

A: This is correct, we do actually turn off (or close) the website from time to time.  This happens for two reasons: The first reason is if my wife and I are on vacation.  As mentioned before, this is a small operation and if there is no one here to fulfill the orders we need to shut the doors.  The second reason relates to tax.  You may notice that when you purchase from us we don't charge you any tax on your purchase.  We're able to do this because we still maintain the status of a 'small supplier'.  In order to stay that way we need to ensure we don't bring in too much revenue over a 12 month period.  As a result, if we get close to our revenue ceiling we will shut down temporarily.  In either case we will try to let you know when the virtual doors will reopen.


Q: I don't live in Canada or the United States, can I still buy from you?

A: Unfortunately we've had negative experiences with shipping outside of Canada and the US.  As a result you must have an address in one of those two countries before we are able to sell to you.


Q: Why don't you offer free shipping?

A: In reality free shipping doesn't actually exist.  Our founder worked for a large Canadian shipping company for over 12 years and he assures us they never once shipped anything for free. "Free Shipping" is actually a marketing tool designed to get online shoppers to buy more stuff by hiding the shipping fee in the sale price of the product; and it works.  While we could do that as well, we have chosen to be more transparent with our shipping fees.  We believe that by separating our shipping fees from our product price you can make more informed decisions, and actually save money.


Q: Each product makes reference to a shipping count.  What is a shipping count?

A:  The shipping count is the method we use to be as transparent as possible when determining the shipping fees on your order.  Most DVD's/BR's will be assigned one of three possible values.  1 is for a DVD or BR in a standard case; 2.5 is for a DVD or BR collection that is too wide for LetterMail while in it's normal configuration, but a collection that can be reconfigured during shipping so as to minimize the shipping cost; and 3 is for a DVD or BR collection that is too wide for LetterMail and must be shipped Expedited.  You just look up the shipping count against the table in the shipping tab to determine the shipping fees.  

If you are buying multiple items just add up the shipping count for each item and look up the sum total against the table in the shipping tab.  For example: I purchase 2 DVD's, both DVD's have a shipping count of 1.  My total shipping count is 2 (1+1).  I look up 2 on the shipping table and I see the shipping fee is $5.50.


Q: Some of your prices seem a bit high?

A: Pricing our product may be the toughest thing we do here.  If we're too high we won't sell anything and we'll go out of business.  If we're too low we won't make the needed return to cover our cost, and we'll go out of business.  So obviously finding a price that is fair to everyone is paramount.  We use a lot of sources, and consider a lot of factors when we set our price so that we can be as fair as possible.  That said, if you honestly feel we've missed one, please let us know (respectfully) and we will look into it.  If we agree with you we will change the price accordingly.


Q: Some of your prices are way too low?

A: Okay, nobody in the world has ever asked that question...and that's why pricing is so difficult.  If we price our products too low people aren't going to be e-mailing us and telling us to raise our prices.  We really put a lot of effort into figuring out just the right price.  Hopefully we are right more often than we are wrong.